Things we do at the house sometimes

February 19, 2010

-follow these blogs

-Watch ungodly amounts of





December 8, 2009


– You must love Jesus
– You must be chill
– You must be able to handle living with Mitus the Ficus, Carla the Coffee Maker, Jasper the Bike, Jeffrey the Giraffe, Bridgette the Messenger Bag, Brad the Plaid, Albert the Mac, Chris the Emo Desktop (that’s mine), Cher the Chair, Earl the Sweet Spud, Tony the White Tiger…we regret to inform you that you will not be living with Loral the Floral
– You must be able to pay rent each month until June
– You must be able to move in by January
– You must have cute feet…just kidding…but really
– You must be able to live with the fact that our bathroom is also a darkroom, and that you might have to be a model for 2 different people
– You must be flexible
– You must love community (seriously, this is a must and this is a community house – we love people)

Interested? LET US KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“That’s a good price

November 2, 2009

for such an intellectual looking chair!” -Linny

in regard to immaculate conception
me: “God comes and says hey, just wanted to let you know, you’re pregnant.”
Ama: “Yea, and it’s Mine.”

“i hate being called skinny”

October 21, 2009

red: “if someone called me microscopic, i might just punch them.”

me: “….in a Godly way, right?”

red: “psh, absolutely! God is in my fist.”

i love my roommates 🙂

Meet the other members of the Womanor

October 21, 2009

This is Carla the Coffee Pot.
She keeps the ladies well caffeinated and is known for instigating long boughts of insomnia

This is Earl the Sweet Spud.
He likes to watch us cook. Creeper.

This is Peter the Pumpkin.
He likes to sit on the front porch.

And this is our newest member, Mitus the Ficus.
Mitus has been the honorary Christmas Tree at this house for many years. He came in early this year to beat the cold and will be visiting until he migrates back outside when the weather warms up.

right now

October 21, 2009

I’m sitting on my bed

watching Red trying to figure out how to use my PC





silly mac has spoiled her

All of my roommates

October 16, 2009

have abandoned me…


“Is my window

October 13, 2009

being down messing up your hair too much?” -HollyHall
“No it’s fine” -Jessica
“It’s messing mine up!” -Red
“You just calm down” -HollyHall


October 12, 2009

we’re fine with killing bugs…

it’s the picking up the dead bugs that’s the problem

and some people **cough cough RED cough** like to leave the bugs out because she believes that it teaches the bugs a lesson

“let that be a lesson to the lot of you”

“you can watch my back”

October 8, 2009

Me: “What all does that entail?”

Red: “You watch for cops.”

Me: “Psh, I can SO do that.”